Trips - Maharashtra - Pune - Dive Ghat - Bopdev Ghat

Diveghat and Bopdev ghat form a major guard to pune city.Diveghat and Bopdev ghat are two ways linking pune to Saswad.  Bopdev ghat and Diveghat are known amongst the birding community as one happening place to find birds. A small diversion from the highway of Diveghat takes you another land of surprises. Birds of different feathers flock together here. An array of the feather friends have made home this palatial stretches of pastures. The medium sized hills wear a carpet of green in monsoon, the occasional rains make the landscapes nothing but picturesque. The pastures are grazing ground to cattle and horses belonging to the gypsy tribes. A plethora of birds can be seen here nesting. Some crystal clear water bodies dot this place and are home to some ducks. Diveghat is a divine place not only for bird lovers, but for landscape photographers and flower lovers too. Wild flower popping up here and there, birds chirping a different song, trails leading a beautiful land, Diveghat is about all this.

Bopdev ghat also offers a range of birds and a beautiful bird’s eye view of Pune city.

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